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Frank discussions with the people at the forefront of live music 

production, performance, promotion and infrastructure.

The Covid-19 Series 

Our first series explores the impact of Covid- 19 on the staff, 

workers and livelihoods of  thousands of event professionals.

When will we see a festival or "normal" gig again and what support

will be forthcoming.


Episode 8

Ally Wolf - The Clapham Grand / Mighty Hoopla

Ally has been running venues and at the heart of creative events and festivals for decades. Now at the helm of The Clapham Grand, he is responsible for recent campaigns to ensure the historic venue survives the pandemic.

Huge monthly rent and no income, government pilots for indoor events, streaming online content to raise funds and awareness. We chat about the struggles ahead and the hurdles already avoided.

Episode 7

Suzi Green - Tour Manager

Suzi is a seasoned TM, having travelled the world with likes of PJ Harvey, Placebo and Katie Melua. Suzi brings a unique angle to the role by introducing her qualifications in Nutrition, Physiology and Anatomy and using them to enhance the wellbeing of both artists and crew. At these times it's more important than ever that we look after both body and mind, this chat delves into the mental health impact of Covid and what's out there to help.

Episode 6

Mike Godolphin - Butlin's / Bourne Leisure

Butlin's is at the centre of activity to bring back music events in the UK. Mike Godolphin describes what Butlin's and Bourne Leisure are doing to create a safe environment for their customers and artists. 


With 16,000 people furloughed, Butlin's are proudly welcoming back all their staff and re-opened last weekend. They were also the first to stage an indoor pilot just yesterday (27th July)

Episode 5

Cary Caldwell - 212 Music Group

Cary, of 212 Music Group, has been a key member of SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, for 17 years. Currently based in New Zealand, Cary provides unique insight into the current "re-opening" situation in NZ as well as some facts and figures from the SXSW cancellation and the logistics and complications linked to The Great Escape festival in Brighton.

Episode 4

Jayli / Jamie

Jayli (Jamie) is a prolific DJ/producer/performer/sound designer. She has travelled the world playing the biggest clubs and festivals around. From starting up projects like 'Jagged Jungle' to streaming promo content for the likes of Pioneer, Denon and Roland, Jamie has a wealth of industry knowledge.

Episode 3


220Kid is in a unique situation, he's launched a single and a career during lockdown. Reached audiences he wouldn't have previously reached but at the same time has missed numerous events and opportunities to promote his music.

Despite these barriers Will has reached No.9 in the UK charts and made the most of his time in lockdown, whilst chained to a laptop and social media.

Episode 2

Paul Hutton - Crosstown Concerts

Paul Hutton has worked at the peak of the music industry for almost 30 years, initially with Metropolis Music and now running Crosstown Concerts with Conal Dodds. HIs insight into the impact of Coronavirus on festivals, tours and bands trying to make it on the scene is second to none.

Episode 1

Jake Vernum - Production Manager for

George Ezra, David Gray and Fat Boy Slim.


Jake works globally with some of the worlds favourite artists. Here we discuss how many people have been affected by the virus and the importance to maintain relationships and stay loyal.

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