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Hailing from London’s Borderline and the cult ‘Christmas Club’ alt night, Noel Malaga is now bringing the Karaoke revolution to the Indie fraternity.


Not since Steve Lamacq’s ‘Punk Rock Karaoke’ has there been a regular sing-a-long outlet for the alternative music fan. 


The Karaoke revolution is real and now is your chance to take to the stage, grab the mic, and fight for your right to party. You might want to shout it like Cobain, mumble like Yorke or put on a big performance and belt it out like Bjork.


Noel Malaga’s Indie Karaoke works In collaboration with ‘Singa’ European giants of the Karaoke scene and organisers of the Karaoke World Championships.  




Download the latest suggested Indie Karaoke Song list.

NB Not all artists are licensed and available for Karaoke

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