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inside out talent

The Rollagirls are a group of gorgeous skaters who have the confidence to put the girlie back into skating. They take skating and give it a coat of sass. The Rollagirls shred skate parks, rip up the streets, and bring sexy to the party. They stay true to friendship and believe in girl power.

The Rollagirls use their powers of individuality, sass, and valour to help support brands, ideas and events that they believe in.


Rollagirls also deliver bespoke performances. Whether it's hostesses, tricks on ramp and floor, fire and hoop shows or just looking hot at your event, they cater for any party. 


The only rule the Rollagirls abide by is short shorts; the rest is all about ideas, friends and fun. 


Clients and credits include:
Snow Patrol / Argos / Facebook / Guilty Pleasures / Sara Cox / Whatamelon / Skoda / Nikki Beach / Massaoke / Rookie Skates / Lick Frozen Yoghurt / Glastonbury Festival


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