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Formed by some of the UK’s most versatile brass players, Oompah Brass started out with the firm intention of becoming a traditional German oompah band. However they quickly realised that novel arrangements of pop tunes carried more appeal than the waltzes, polkas and marches more commonly associated with the genre. They’ve since been described by one of their biggest fans, Chris Evans, as full-blown ‘legends in Lederhosen.’

Oompah Brass are now the world’s leading exponents of ‘Oom-pop’, known for their Bavarian-style re-working of songs like Guns ‘n Roses’, Paradise City and Madonna’s Material Girl. They have toured all over Europe including a performance to a staggering 60,000 people at the Belgrade Beer Festival. The five pioneers have also performed at the O2 and the Alpine ‘Snowbombing’ Festival. They are equally at home playing award-winners onto stage, performing in cabaret or filling the dance floor.

“A rock’n'roll oompah band. Tremendous!” 

Richard Bacon, Radio 5 Live

“Absolutely f**king brilliant!” 

Frank Skinner



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