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The new LP  'Wildhorse'  is out NOW!


In 2018 Malin Pettersen released her first solo album, and since then her debut has won her a Spellemannpris (Norwegian Grammy), placed her on the bill of some of Norway’s largest festivals and brought her to Nashville for more recording. She was recently coined "Norwegian Country sensation" by Paste Magazine and Rolling Stone Magazine featured “Pause” from her mini album as "one of the 10 Country and Americana songs you needed to hear" The mini album “Alonesome“ was released Oct 11th 2019 to critical acclaim.


NEW LP 'Wildhorse' was released in October 2020. With a blend of Folk, Country and Americana music, Pettersen's band perform a collection of beautifully scribed songs that are waiting to be set free on the live circuit. 

Malin Pettersen will be touring mainland Europe and the UK throughout 2021/22.

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