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Blue Rinse is a Club Night with residencies in Oxford, High Wycombe and London, as well as hosting the odd Festival stage.

Blue Rinse celebrate "Anything that's good!" but it's not just about the music – Blue Rinse is about having a great time. No serious clubbing here, it’s all about shaking your hip replacements and dancing till your false teeth drop out.


We take a Werther's Originals fuelled trip through time and hit every decade head on, Motown to Hip Hop, Indie to Garage and everything in-between. 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's 00's, music that appeals to a broad range and touches every heart.


Celebrity DJ's

Themed Nights

Live Performances

Cocktails in Tea Pots

Boiled Sweets & Doilies

Bunting & Bubbles


Book Blue Rinse:

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