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The Flying Mojito Bros emerged from a desert haze several years ago somewhere along State Route 375 between Hiko and Warm Springs.

Fully Nudie-suited, they hitched rides down the West Coast, into ol’ mother Mexico then back up over to the deep south. They were gathering sounds and sights for their audio-video-rodeo-cósmico show, succinctly described by Carlos Santana as: “some kinda spaced-out unholy sonofabitch chicano-country-disco-swamp-boogie-funk refrito“.


The two acid cowboys – producer/musician Ben Chetwood & DJ/digger Jack Sellen – have quickly found their show featuring on-the-fly remixing, edits, live instrumentation and trippy visuals to be a hit in Englandshire, United Britain, where they are quite frankly bewildering audiences into crazed Pan-American disco hoedowns at clubs and late-night festival tents.


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