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Brought together by their mutual love of liquor and ladies, Afternoon Delight use their caddish charm and love of barbershop harmony to remake and re-energise the songs that you wish that you’d forgotten from the 1990s and beyond. From Peter Andre to East 17, and from The Police to Jason Derulo, their repertoire is as eclectic as the group itself….


The video of the group singing a barbershop harmony version of the popular hit "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy was posted by UNILAD saying it was the "best version of Shaggy's 'It Wasn't Me' ever!" The video received over 12 Million views on Facebook and caused a surge in the band's online media with over 40,000 new likes in a week.

“Those thoughts that you keep locked in a remote corner of your mind.... expressed through the art of Barbershop Quartet” – Daily Mail


“The four singers put an incredible spin on a reggae classic”  - The Mirror

“Afternoon Delight TOTALLY nailed this. We love it!”  - Comedy Central


“What a beautiful version of a dubious song” – Jonathan Ross Arts Show, BBC Radio 2


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